Our Promise

Hino Genuine Parts & Service

At Hino, we are committed to keep your trucks working at optimal levels and deliver impeccable service to you with our dedicated team of skilled and trained technicians.

Hino Genuine Parts
Hino genuine parts work best for our Hino trucks. Each Hino genuine part and component contributes to the trucks’ optimal performance, and provide you with added value and peace of mind by minimizing downtime due to breakdowns or repairs. Use only genuine parts for utmost quality, enhanced safety and long-term savings.
Leave your Hino trucks to the safe hands of our team of Hino technicians. Armed with up-to-date knowledge and specialised skill sets required for our fleet of Hino trucks and their technology, our Hino technicians are the ideal choice to provide the best quality of service to ensure your Hino trucks run smoothly.

Other Services:

Hino C.a.R.E Programme
Keep your Hino in all-time tip-top condition with our comprehensive maintenance package.
Hino Warranty
We got you covered.
Enjoy peace of mind with the Hino warranty package that comes with any Hino you choose.
Defensive Driving Course
Know more about the various functions and performance of your Hino trucks with this course that is exclusive to Borneo Motors.